Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing IV

Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing IV
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Salvatore Gerbino • Antonio Lanzotti • Massimo Martorelli • Ramón Mirálbes Buil • Caterina Rizzi • Lionel Roucoules
28 أكتوبر 2023
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Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing IV
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Mechanics, Design Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing,
JCM 2022, June 1–3, 2022, Ischia, Italy
Salvatore Gerbino • Antonio Lanzotti • Massimo Martorelli • Ramón Mirálbes Buil • Caterina Rizzi • Lionel Roucoules
Design Methods and Tools
A Computer-Aided Tool for the Energy Optimization of Industrial
Robots in Manufacturing Applications 3
Fabio Merlo, Greta Vazzoler, and Giovanni Berselli
Experimentation and Characterization of Mycelium-Based
Biocomposites for Ephemeral Product Applications 15
Ignacio López-Forniés, Rosa Aurensanz Mallada, Aroa Ejarque-Ortiz,
and María A. Madre Sediles
Life Cycle Assessment of a Mobile Tiny House Made with Sustainable
Materials and Design Implications . 28
Laura Ruiz-Pastor, Stefania Altavilla, Chiara Nezzi, Yuri Borgianni,
and Guido Orzes
Industrial Scraps Valorization: Designing Products to Make Detached
Value Chains Circular 39
Cappelletti Federica, Rossi Marta, Ciccarelli Marianna,
and Germani Michele
Circular Strategies to Improve Ephemeral Products Sustainability
Through Co-creation and Its Metrics . 51
Ignacio López-Forniés, Álvaro Aguerri Galindo, and Jorge Sierra-Pérez
A Step Forward Life Cycle Assessment to Optimize Products
and Increase Company Eco-design Competencies . 62
Rossi Marta, Cappelletti Federica, and Germani Michele
Workstation Design Centered to Workers’ Safe Use . 75
Patrick Martin, Bruno Daille-Lefèvre, Xavier Godot,
and Jelena Petronijevic
xiiiDesign and Manufacture of a Sustainable Recycled
Plastic Shredder . 88
José M. Tejero-Olalla, José Macías-García,
M. Carmen Ladrón-de-Guevara-Muñoz, Óscar D. de-Cózar-Macías,
Francisca J. Castillo-Rueda, and Manuel D. Marín-Granados
Critical Analysis on the Limitations of the Diffusion of Life Cycle
Assessment . 101
Christian Spreafico, Davide Russo, and Daniele Landi
Implementation of a Sustainable Washing System Applied to Waste
Recycling 110
Álvaro Millán-Estepa, Elena Díez-Martínez,
M. Carmen Ladrón-de-Guevara-Muñoz, Óscar D. de-Cózar-Macías,
E. Beatriz Blázquez-Parra, and Isidro Ladrón-de-Guevara-López
Basic Design and Virtual Prototyping of a Hydrofoil
Hybrid Daysailer 122
Domenico Speranza, Romolo Di Bernardo, Massimo Martorelli,
Antonio Gloria, Claudio Pensa, and Stefano Papa
Virtual Design for Repair: The Case of a Gearmotor 135
Daniela Francia, Davide Bove, Gian Maria Santi, Patrich Ferretti,
Giampiero Donnici, Leonardo Frizziero, and Alfredo Liverani
Can MaWR-Method for Symmetry Plane Detection be Generalized
for Complex Panfacial Fractures? . 148
Luca Di Angelo, Paolo Di Stefano, Lapo Governi, Antonio Marzola,
and Yary Volpe
Mixed Reality-Based Support for Total Hip
Arthroplasty Assessment 159
Chiara Innocente, Pietro Piazzolla, Luca Ulrich, Sandro Moos,
Stefano Tornincasa, and Enrico Vezzetti
A Semiautomatic Procedure to Assist Physicians in Paediatric
Airway Stenting . 170
Chiara Santarelli, Luca Puggelli, Yary Volpe, Paola Serio,
and Rocco Furferi
An Engineering Method to Evaluate Care Processes and Introduce
Televisits 181
Anna Savoldelli, Daniele Regazzoni, Simona Ludi, and Caterina Rizzi
Modeling of Cutting Operations for Robotic Surgery Using
CAE Tools . 192
Stefano Pettinato, Roberto Francesco Pitzalis, Jesús Ortiz,
and Giovanni Berselli
xiv ContentsSkeleton and Medial Axis Functions Evaluation of Voxel Discretized
Geometries . 204
Nicola Cappetti, Silvia Pierri, and Carlotta Fontana
User-Centered Design for Manufacturing and Assembly: An
Application in the Early Design Stages 217
Cristina Renzi and Francesco Leali
A Medical Device for Correctly Positioning Custom-Made Implants
for Fractured Orbital Cavities 229
Manila Caragiuli, Marco Mandolini, Agnese Brunzini, Alida Mazzoli,
and Mario Pagnoni
A 3D Modeling Approach to Realize and Test Customized Knee
Implants . 242
Anna Ghidotti, Daniele Landi, Daniele Regazzoni, and Caterina Rizzi
A Design-Based Thinking for Alarm Use and Management in the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit . 253
Rosana Sanz-Segura, Eduardo Manchado Pérez,
and Ignacio García de Paredes
A Design Method for Custom Functionally Graded
Lattice Orthoses . 265
Riccardo Sponchiado, Francesca Uccheddu, Luca Grigolato,
Pierandrea Dal Fabbro, and Gianpaolo Savio
Automatic Segmentation of Stomach of Patients Affected by Obesity . 276
Andrea Pretto, Ilaria Toniolo, Alice Berardo, Gianpaolo Savio,
Silvana Perretta, Emanuele Luigi Carniel, and Francesca Uccheddu
Automatic Outcomes in Minnesota Dexterity Test Using a System
of Multiple Depth Cameras 286
Teodorico Caporaso, Giuseppe Sanseverino, Dominik Krumm,
Stanislao Grazioso, Raffaele D’Angelo, Giuseppe Di Gironimo,
Stephan Odenwald, and Antonio Lanzotti
Optimal Design of Surface Functionally Graded Dental Implants with
Improved Properties 294
Pietro Ausiello, Massimo Martorelli, Ida Papallo, Antonio Gloria,
Roberto Montanari, Maria Richetta, and Antonio Lanzotti
The Morphological and Geometrical Segmentation of Human
Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae: An Automatic Computer-Based
Method 306
Luca Di Angelo, Paolo Di Stefano, and Emanuele Guardiani
Contents xvInterpreting Emotions with EEG: An Experimental Study with
Chromatic Variation in VR 318
Ivonne Angelica Castiblanco Jimenez, Federica Marcolin, Luca Ulrich,
Sandro Moos, Enrico Vezzetti, and Stefano Tornincasa
Evaluation Method of Modular Products for the Prosumer. Proposal
and Improvement 330
Laura Asión-Suñer and Ignacio López-Forniés
Experimenting with the Design Thinking Methodology in Citizen
Participation Contexts 344
Mar Melgarejo-Torralba, Dolores Parras-Burgos, Emilio López-Salmerón,
Francisco J. F. Cañavate, and Daniel G. Fernández-Pacheco
Surface Grinding of Borosilicate Crown Glass Optics via a Robotic
Approach Based on Superposed Trajectories . 354
Eugenio Tamassia, Fabio Pini, Tim Grunwald, Thomas Bergs,
and Francesco Leali
Design Requirements Assessment in the COMMAND (COmpact
Multi-purpose Muon and Neutron Detector) Project . 367
Ileana Bodini, Diego Paderno, Davide Pagano, Antonietta Donzella,
Germano Bonomi, Aldo Zenoni, Andrea Cantone, and Valerio Villa
Path Approximation Strategies for Robot Manufacturing: A
Preliminary Experimental Evaluation 380
Matteo Bigliardi, Pietro Bilancia, Roberto Raffaeli, Margherita Peruzzini,
Giovanni Berselli, and Marcello Pellicciari
Design and Development of an IoT Enabled Device for Remote
Monitoring of Hydraulic Hammers 390
Farhad Heidarpour, Alessandro Ciccolella, and Antonio E. Uva
Implementing Vocal Natural Language Interface to Enterprise
Resource Planning System . 399
Shengzhe Zhang and Julien Le Duigou
Collective Intelligence Application in a Kitting Picking Zone of the
Automotive Industry . 410
Santiago Montoya Zapata, Nathalie Klement, Cristovão Silva,
Olivier Gibaru, and Meriem Lafou
Application of Neural Networks for Smart Tightening of Aeronautical
Bolted Assemblies 421
Charly Foissac, Alain Daidié, Stéphane Segonds, and Clément Chirol
Towards a Digital Factory in the Leather Goods Sector:
The Case of an Italian Company 430
Giorgia Pietroni and Marco Marconi
xvi ContentsDigital Continuity Based on Reinforcement Learning Model
Transformations . 442
Quentin Brilhault, Esma Yahia, and Lionel Roucoules
Enhancing Human-Robot Collaboration in the Industry 5.0 Context:
Workplace Layout Prototyping . 454
Castrese Di Marino, Andrea Rega, Ferdinando Vitolo,
and Stanislao Patalano
Requirements Management in Master Model Development: A Case
Study in Fusion Engineering . 466
Francesca Giovanna Lanzotti, Domenico Marzullo, Vito Imbriani,
Giuseppe Mazzone, Jeong-Ha You, and Giuseppe Di Gironimo
Towards a Knowledge-Based Additive Manufacturing Approach . 479
Christelle Grandvallet, Franck Pourroy, and Frédéric Vignat
Systems and Requirements Engineering: An Approach and a Software
Tool for the Interactive and Consistent Functional Requirement
Specification 491
Agnese Pasquariello, Ferdinando Vitolo, and Stanislao Patalano
Analysis of Guided Waves Dispersive Behavior for Damage Detection
in Flat and Curved Composite Panels 503
Donato Perfetto, Alessandro De Luca, Giuseppe Lamanna,
and Francesco Caputo
Analysis of the Tensioning Field Induced by Stress Fibers in
Nanoindented Stem Cells Adhered to a Flat Substrate 512
Lorenzo Vaiani, Antonio Emmanuele Uva, and Antonio Boccaccio
Framework for the Dynamic Modeling of a Helicopter Planetary Gear
Train with Gear or Bearing Defect 520
Raphaël Mignot-Pasty, Lionel Roucoules, François Malburet,
and Olivier Honnorat
Design of a Snap-Fit Joint Through a Multibody Model 533
Giulia Pascoletti, Paolo Conti, Francesco Bianconi,
and Elisabetta M. Zanetti
Towards Real-Time Physics-Based Variation Simulation of Assembly
Systems with Compliant Sheet-Metal Parts Based on Reduced-Order
Models 546
Mario Brandon Russo, Alessandro Greco, Salvatore Gerbino,
and Pasquale Franciosa
Design and Comparison of High Performance Sailing Hulls . 559
Antonio Mancuso, Antonio Saporito, and Davide Tumino
Contents xviiReal-Time Approximative Thermal Simulation for Wire Arc Additive
Manufacturing 569
Thibaut Tezenas Du Montcel, Nicolas Beraud, Frédéric Vignat,
Jérôme Pailhès, Philippe Marin, and Franck Pourroy
Simulation Methods for Plant Layout Design-A Case Study . 581
Mario Caterino, Marta Rinaldi, Maria Antonietta Turino, Marcello Fera,
and Natalia Hartono
Optimizing Racing Wheelchair Design Through Coupled
Biomechanical-Mechanical Simulation 593
Adrien Loiseau, Thibault Marsan, Pablo Navarro, Bruno Watier,
and Yann Landon
Preliminary Validation of a Virtual Environment for Simulation and
Recognition of Human Gestures . 605
Giuseppe Sanseverino, Dominik Krumm, Lena Kopnarski, Julian Rudisch,
Claudia Voelcker-Rehage, and Stephan Odenwald
Energy Efficient Trajectory Planning in Robotic Cells via Virtual
Prototyping Tools 614
Mario Baggetta, Giovanni Berselli, Roberto Razzoli,
and Marta Zucchinetti
Design and Implementation of a Passive Agitator to Increase UV Dose
in WWTPs Disinfection Channels . 626
Delia Trifi, Javier Climent, Rosario Arnau, Pablo Carratalà,
Mairena García, Inés Beltrán, Cristobal Badenes, Sergio Chiva,
and Raúl Martínez-Cuenca
Numerical Optimization of a Composite Sandwich Panel with a Novel
Bi-directional Corrugated Core Using an Animal-Inspired
Optimization Algorithm . 637
Giuseppe Marannano, Tommaso Ingrassia, Vito Ricotta,
and Vincenzo Nigrelli
A Topology Optimization Approach to Design of a Low Cost 3D
Printable Monolithic Compliant Mechanism for FWMAV’s Wing
Actuation 652
Giovanni Carollo, Tommaso Ingrassia, Antonio Pantano,
Vincenzo Nigrelli, and Marco Cosimo Tripoli
Computer-Aided Prognostics and Health Management Using Incipient
Failure Detection 664
Cecilia Gattino, Elia Ottonello, Mario Baggetta, Jacek Stecki,
Roberto Razzoli, and Giovanni Berselli
xviii ContentsGeometric Modelling and Analysis
On the Adoption of the STEP Neutral Format for Procedural
Mechanical CAD Models 677
Pedro Company, Jorge D. Camba, Stanislao Patalano,
and Antonio Lanzotti
Generative Design in Bicycle Frames: A Review 686
Valentin Gomez-Jauregui, Carlos Vigil-Fernández, Cristina Manchado,
and César Otero
Geometric Analysis of Product CAD Models to Support Design
for Assembly . 698
Brigida Bonino, Franca Giannini, Marina Monti, Roberto Raffaeli,
and Giovanni Berselli
Image-Driven Manufacturing of Graded Lattices by Fused Deposition
Modeling 711
Luca Grigolato, Stefano Rosso, Enrico Bernardo, Gianmaria Concheri,
and Gianpaolo Savio
Geometric Modeling of Lattice Structures with Selectively Activated
Walls for Hydraulic Manifolds 722
Stefano Rosso, Luca Grigolato, Gianmaria Concheri, and Gianpaolo Savio
Semi-automatic Point Clouds Registration for Upper
Limb Anatomy 733
Paolo Neri, Beatrice Aruanno, Sandro Barone, Alessandro Paoli,
and Armando Viviano Razionale
Optimizing Galvanic Process: Wet Surface Estimation for Small Metal
Parts to Avoid Material Waste 743
Luca Puggelli, Monica Carfagni, Rocco Furferi, and Lapo Governi
Reverse Engineering and Redesign of the Impeller of a Submersible
Centrifugal Pump 755
Giuseppe Marannano, Vincenzo Nigrelli, Riccardo Pirri, and Vito Ricotta
An Augmented Reality Framework for Remote Factory Acceptance
Test: An Industrial Case Study . 768
Antimo Angelino, Massimo Martorelli, Andrea Tarallo, Chiara Cosenza,
Stefano Papa, Antonio Monteleone, and Antonio Lanzotti
Convolutional Neural Network for Background Removal in Close
Range Photogrammetry: Application on Cultural Heritage Artefacts 780
Michele Bici, Francesco Gherardini, Lorena de Los Angeles
Guachi-Guachi, Robinson Guachi, and Francesca Campana
Contents xixA Benchmark of Traditional Visual Descriptors and Convolutional
Networks ‘Off-the-Shelf’ for Anomaly Detection 793
Francesco Bianconi, Paolo Conti, Elisabetta Maria Zanetti,
and Giulia Pascoletti
Melt Pool Acquisition Using Near-Infrared Camera in Aluminum
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing . 803
Anthony Dellarre, Maxime Limousin, and Nicolas Beraud
Methodology for Image Analysis in Airborne Search and Rescue
Operations . 815
Francesco Ciccone, Antonio Bacciaglia, and Alessandro Ceruti
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Mechanical Behaviour
for Titanium Bolted Joints with Friction Shim 827
Guillaume Pichon, Alain Daidié, Éric Paroissien, Audrey Benaben,
and Clément Chirol
Interoperability Framework for a Computer-Aided Approach of
Tolerance-Cost Optimization . 839
Andrea Petruccioli, Fabio Pini, and Francesco Leali
A Digital Twin Approach for Smart Assembly of Aircraft Skin Panels
with Mechanical Fasteners . 851
Pasquale Franciosa, Salvatore Gerbino, Ettore Stella, Luigi Berri,
Nicola Gramegna, Nicola Gallo, and Massimo Martorelli
A Technology Transfer Case in Graphic Engineering 862
César Otero, Cristina Manchado, and Valentin Gomez-Jauregui
Ranged Segmentation of Slope Model for Spatial Analysis 873
Pierpaolo D’Agostino, Agustín Menéndez-Díaz, Giuseppe Antuono,
Tomás E. Martínez-Chao, and Pedro G. Vindrola
Digital Thread and Building Lifecycle Management for
Industrialisation of Construction Operations: A State-of-the-Art
Review 884
Félix Blampain, Matthieu Bricogne, Benoît Eynard, Céline Bricogne,
and Sébastien Pinon
Traceability of Uncertainty in Building Information Modelling
Processes for Existing Structures 895
Andrea di Filippo, Lucas Matias Gujski, Nicola Cappetti,
and Francesco Villecco
xx ContentsAdvanced Manufacturing and Control
Study of the Anisotropy of Triple Periodic Minimal Surface Structures
Generate by Additive Manufacturing . 905
Ramon Miralbes, Natalia Santamaria, David Ranz,
and José Antonio Gómez
Influence of TPU Lattice Structures on Functional Properties for the
Design of Customized Rehabilitation Products 914
Sergio de la Rosa, Pedro F. Mayuet, Miguel-Angel Pardo-Vicente,
and Lucía Rodríguez-Parada
Preliminary Design Method Accounting for Shape Distortion in Metal
Binder Jetting Parts: A Case Study 925
Macro Zago, Matteo Perina, and Ilaria Cristofolini
Effects of Coating Post-processing on Mechanical Properties
of Strut-and-Node-Based SLA Lattice Structures 937
Francesco Tamburrino, Paolo Neri, Alessandro Paoli,
and Armando V. Razionale
Lattice Core FEM Simulation with a Modified-Beam Approach 946
Davide Tumino, Andrea Alaimo, Calogero Orlando, Stefano Valvano,
and Carmelo Rosario Vindigni
A Design Methodology for Graded Density Triply Periodic
Minimal Surfaces 955
Emilio A. Ramírez, Nicolas Béraud, Franck Pourroy, François Villeneuve,
and Matthieu Museau
Could the Airframe of the Future Be Made of Metal Only? Potential of
AM in the Helicopter Domain 967
Cristiam Javier Lasso Perdomo, Dominique Millet, Myriam Orquera,
Bertrand Gabriel, and Gregory De Dominici
Design for Additive Manufacturing Tools: Are They an Effective
Support for Designers? 980
Marco Marconi, Alessio Zanini, Claudio Favi, and Marco Mandolini
An Analytical Cost Model for Laser-Directed Energy Deposition
(L-DED) . 993
Marco Mandolini, Mikhailo Sartini, Claudio Favi, and Michele Germani
Data Processing of L-PBF Manufactured Lattice Structures
for Geometric Defects Characterization . 1005
Kévin Ferreira, Nabil Anwer, and Charyar Mehdi-Souzani
Mereo-DfAM: A Methodological Proposal of Mereotopological Design
for Additive Manufacturing 1017
Robin Kromer, Chloé Douin, and Elise Gruhier
Contents xxiExperiences of Additive Manufacturing for Nuclear Fusion
Applications: The Case of the Wishbone of the Divertor of DEMO
Project 1030
Domenico Marzullo, Barbara Motyl, Emanuele Vaglio, Stefano Filippi,
Federico Scalzo, Giovanni Totis, Marco Sortino, Vito Imbriani,
Giuseppe Mazzone, and Jeong-Ha You
Topology Optimization for Thin-Walled Structures with Distributed
Loads . 1042
Antonio Bacciaglia, Alessandro Ceruti, Francesco Ciccone,
and Alfredo Liverani
Embedded Workflow for Functionally Graded Material Fabrication
with Multi-material Additive Manufacturing . 1055
Riccardo Pigazzi, Marco Rossoni, and Giorgio Colombo
Directed Energy Deposition Process Simulation to Sustain Design
for Additive Remanufacturing Approaches 1067
Enrico Dalpadulo, Fabio Pini, and Francesco Leali
Eco-Assessment of Design for Additive Manufacturing Solutions
Defined at Different Levels of Detail 1079
Filippo Colombo Zefinetti, Christian Spreafico, Daniele Regazzoni,
and Daniele Landi
An Empirical Approach for Mechanical Behavior Characterization of
a Small Diameter Cold-Drawn Steel Wire with a Three-Point
Bending Test . 1090
Julien Vaïssette, Manuel Paredes, and Catherine Mabru
Correlations Between the Hole Surface Integrity and Fatigue Life
for Drilled 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy . 1103
Yann Landon, Alexandra Lacombe, Landry Arnaud Kamgaing Souop,
Alain Daidié, Manuel Paredes, Audrey Benaben, and Clément Chirol
Design and Creation of an Economical Camera Slider for
Photography 1115
Pedro Medina-Triviño, Paula Triviño-Tarradas, Rafael Ortiz-Cordero,
and Miguel Gonzalez-Redondo
Analysis of Data from In-Situ Monitoring of Additive
Manufacturing Process 1126
David Comberton, Robin Kromer, and Eric Lacoste
Geometrical Tolerances: “Planarity” Measurements on Automotive
Power Module During Its Assembly Processes-Flow . 1138
Michele Calabretta, Alessandro Sitta, Angelo Alberto Messina,
Salvatore Massimo Olivieri, and Gaetano Sequenzia
xxii ContentsToolpath Calculation Using Reinforcement Learning in Machining 1149
Frédéric Vignat, Nicolas Béraud, and Thibaut Tezenas Du Montcel
Simulation-Based Design of Reconfigurable Moulds for Injection
Overmoulding 1159
Nicolò Galati, Francesco Gherardini, Caterina Guaitoli,
and Alberto Vergnano
Mixed Reality Platform Supporting Human-Robot Interaction . 1172
Nicolas Calzone, Monica Sileo, Rocco Mozzillo, Francesco Pierri,
and Fabrizio Caccavale
Markerless Motion Capture and Virtual Reality for Real-Time
Ergonomic Analysis of Operators in Workstations with Collaborative
Robots: a preliminary study 1183
Daniel Lanzoni, Andrea Cattaneo, Andrea Vitali, Daniele Regazzoni,
and Caterina Rizzi
Design of a Fabric–Based Antagonistic Pneumatic Actuator
with Multiple Chambers for the Development of Soft Continuum
Manipulators . 1195
Stanislao Grazioso, Benedetta Maria Vita Ostuni, Teodorico Caporaso,
Giuseppe Di Gironimo, and Antonio Lanzotti
Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Novel Variable Stiffness
Structure for Soft Continuum Robotics . 1203
Linda Weisheit and Wilhelm Richard Wockenfuß
Effects of Design Parameters on the Tip Steering Capabilities
of Fabric Pneumatic Artificial Muscle-actuated Soft
Growing Robots . 1215
Mario Selvaggio, Stanislao Grazioso, Salvatore Fusco, Roberto Sabella,
Giuseppe Andrea Fontanelli, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Bruno Siciliano,
and Antonio Lanzotti
A User–Centered Approach Involving the Clinicians for the Design
of Medical Devices: Case Study of a Soft Robotic Exoskeleton
for Rehabilitation 1227
Teodorico Caporaso, Stanislao Grazioso, Benedetta M. V. Ostuni,
Angela Palomba, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Giovanni Iolascon,
and Antonio Lanzotti
Preliminary Design of a EMG Wearable Interface for the Actuation
of Soft Pneumatic Artificial Muscles 1239
Teodorico Caporaso, Stanislao Grazioso, Benedetta M. V. Ostuni,
and Antonio Lanzotti
Contents xxiiiPreliminary Study of a Capacitive Force Sensor for Soft Robotic
Applications 1247
Paolo Bellitti, Teodorico Caporaso, Stanislao Grazioso, Antonio Lanzotti,
Emilio Sardini, and Mauro Serpelloni
Conformity Rate Estimation for Shaft-Hole Pattern Fit Not Compliant
with the Boundary Condition Design Criterion . 1256
Mattia Maltauro, Roberto Meneghello, and Gianmaria Concheri
A Case Study on the Correlation Between Functional and
Manufacturing Specifications for a Large Injection Moulded Part . 1268
Mattia Maltauro, Roberto Meneghello, Gianmaria Concheri,
Daniele Pellegrini, Massimo Viero, and Giuseppe Bisognin
InvNet: Transfer Learning on Point Cloud for Invariant Surface
Classification . 1279
Yifan Qie and Nabil Anwer
X-Reality for Interactive Design
Apprentices’ Opportunities and Criticalities in Adopting Affordable
User Interface Development Tools . 1293
Stefano Filippi and Giovanni Vanino
Role-Based Sailing Augmented Reality Interface: Three Proposals for
Head-Mounted Display 1305
Francesco Laera, Alessandro Evangelista, Vito Manghisi, Massimo Foglia,
and Michele Fiorentino
Displaying Augmented Reality Manuals in the Design Phase of the
Product Lifecycle 1316
Enricoandrea Laviola, Michele Gattullo, and Alessandro Evangelista
From Therbligs to Visual Assets: A Technique to Convey Work
Instructions in Augmented Reality Technical Documentation 1327
Michele Gattullo, Enricoandrea Laviola, and Antonio Emmanuele Uva
Immersive Virtual Reality as a Training Tool for Safety Working
Procedure in Confined Spaces 1340
Vito Modesto Manghisi, Alessandro Evangelista, Veronica Rossano,
Claudia Giliberti, Raffaele Mariconte, Maurizio Diano, Valerio Galasso,
and Antonio Emmanuele Uva
Tintoretto Unveiled: Interactive Virtual Experience for Artworks . 1352
Beatrice Aruanno, Sandro Barone, Francesco Tamburrino,
and Mario Covarrubias Rodriguez
X-Reality for Preliminary Evaluation and Training of 3D Laser
Scanning Process of Large Products . 1364
Alessandro Greco, Antimo Cardilicchio, and Salvatore Gerbino
xxiv ContentsFrom Virtual to Augmented Reality Training System: An IC.IDOBased Approach . 1376
Sara Buonocore, Pietro Giovannoli, and Giuseppe Di Gironimo
An AR Tool to Support Warehouse Operations in the Context of
Industry 4.0 1389
Edoardo Casciotta, Riccardo Karim Khamaisi, Roberto Raffaeli,
and Margherita Peruzzini
A Novel Approach to Use Marker-Less Mixed Reality Applications
with In-Motion Systems . 1401
Agnese Brunzini, Marianna Ciccarelli, Mikhailo Sartini, Giacomo Menchi,
Alessandra Papetti, and Michele Germani
A Human-Centred Design Approach for Designing Augmented
Reality Enabled Interactive Systems: A Kitchen Machine
Case Study . 1413
Marina Ricci, Alessandra Scarcelli, Annarita D’Introno, Valeria Strippoli,
Simona Cariati, and Michele Fiorentino
Performance Evaluation of an Immersive Measurement Instrument
for Automotive Field Applications . 1426
Michele Iaquinandi, Carlotta Fontana, Iolanda Fiorillo,
Alessandro Naddeo, and Nicola Cappetti
Virtual Golden Zone for Enhancing the Ergonomics of Complex
Production Lines 1436
Lucilla Dammacco, Raffaele Carli, Michele Gattullo, Vito Lazazzera,
Michele Fiorentino, and Mariagrazia Dotoli
Development of a Parametric Scene Editor of Serious Games for
Safety in Workplaces . 1448
Fabrizio Renno, Stefano Papa, Rosario Polichetti, Domenico Coccorese,
Raffaele d’Angelo, Corrado Grasso, Andrea Tarallo,
and Antonio Lanzotti
Design of XR Applications for Museums, Including Technology
Maximising Visitors’ Experience 1460
Marina Carulli, Andrea Generosi, Monica Bordegoni, and Maura Mengoni
Exploring People’s Visual Perception and Its Impact on Evaluation of
a Tiny House Prototype Using Eye Tracking Technology . 1471
Aurora Berni, Chiara Nezzi, Laura Ruiz-Pastor, Stefania Altavilla,
Ingrid Kofler, and Yuri Borgianni
Contents xxvHeat on Sight – Display Thermal Radiation in the Peripheral
Field of View . 1483
Aline Püschel, Wolfgang Kilian, and Stephan Odenwald
HRV Analysis Through the Sphygmic Wave Pulsation of the
Femoral Artery . 1495
Luca Salvati, Nicola Cappetti, Matteo d’Amore, Anita Fiorentino,
Arcangelo Pellegrino, Pasquale Sena, and Francesco Villecco
A Mixed Reality Application for Collaborative and Interactive Design
Review and Usability Studies . 1505
Sandhya Santhosh and Francesca De Crescenzio
Posture Interactive Self Evaluation Algorithm Based on Computer
Vision . 1516
Emmanuele Barberi, Massimiliano Chillemi, Filippo Cucinotta,
Demetrio Milardi, Marcello Raffaele, Fabio Salmeri, and Felice Sfravara
A Review of Benchmarks for Visual Defect Detection
in the Manufacturing Industry 1527
Philippe Carvalho, Alexandre Durupt, and Yves Grandvalet
Education and Representation Techniques
Soft Skills Teaching Proposal for “Designers” 1541
Edoardo Giovanni Maria Rovida, Alberta Gianotti, and Giulio Zafferri
A New Approach to Teach Conceptual Design Integrating Additive
Manufacturing Constraints 1552
Robin Kromer and Elise Gruhier
Project and Problem Based Learning for Students and Teachers
Involvement in a Multidisciplinary Engineering Project . 1564
Camille Pédarriosse, Lionel Roucoules, Florian Huet, Esma Yahia,
Arnaud Polette, and Mathias Kleiner
Formative Assessment in Context of COVID-19 Pandemic 1576
Ana Serrano, Anna Biedermann, José Luis Santolaya, Natalia Muñoz,
and Inmaculada Plaza
Think-Sketch-Create: Improving Creative Expression Through
Sketching 1585
M. Belén Calavia, Teresa Blanco, Ana Serrano, Anna Biedermann,
and Roberto Casas
xxvi ContentsMethodology for Online Assessment of Technical Drawing Skills of
Industrial Engineering Students . 1598
Diego Paderno, Ileana Bodini, Stefano Uberti, Valerio Villa,
and Gabriele Baronio
Techniques for the Representation of the Application
of Historical-Archaeological Evidence Scales in Heritage Assets 1610
Irene Cáceres-Criado, Diego Francisco García-Molina,
Rafael Enrique Hidalgo-Fernández, and Paula Triviño-Tarradas
Author Index 1621
Contents xxvii
Author Index
Aguerri Galindo, Álvaro, 51
Alaimo, Andrea, 946
Altavilla, Stefania, 28, 1471
Angelino, Antimo, 768
Antuono, Giuseppe, 873
Anwer, Nabil, 1005, 1279
Arnau, Rosario, 626
Aruanno, Beatrice, 733, 1352
Asión-Suñer, Laura, 330
Aurensanz Mallada, Rosa, 15
Ausiello, Pietro, 294
Bacciaglia, Antonio, 815, 1042
Badenes, Cristobal, 626
Baggetta, Mario, 614, 664
Barberi, Emmanuele, 1516
Barone, Sandro, 733, 1352
Baronio, Gabriele, 1598
Bellitti, Paolo, 1247
Beltrán, Inés, 626
Benaben, Audrey, 827, 1103
Berardo, Alice, 276
Beraud, Nicolas, 569, 803, 955, 1149
Bergs, Thomas, 354
Bernardo, Enrico, 711
Berni, Aurora, 1471
Berri, Luigi, 851
Berselli, Giovanni, 3, 192, 380, 614, 664, 698
Bianconi, Francesco, 533, 793
Bici, Michele, 780
Biedermann, Anna, 1576, 1585
Bigliardi, Matteo, 380
Bilancia, Pietro, 380
Bisognin, Giuseppe, 1268
Blampain, Félix, 884
Blanco, Teresa, 1585
Blázquez-Parra, E. Beatriz, 110
Boccaccio, Antonio, 512
Bodini, Ileana, 367, 1598
Bonino, Brigida, 698
Bonomi, Germano, 367
Bordegoni, Monica, 1460
Borgianni, Yuri, 28, 1471
Bove, Davide, 135
Bricogne, Céline, 884
Bricogne, Matthieu, 884
Brilhault, Quentin, 442
Brunzini, Agnese, 229, 1401
Buonocore, Sara, 1376
Caccavale, Fabrizio, 1172
Cáceres-Criado, Irene, 1610
Calabretta, Michele, 1138
Calavia, M. Belén, 1585
Calzone, Nicolas, 1172
Camba, Jorge D., 677
Campana, Francesca, 780
Cañavate, Francisco J. F., 344
Cantone, Andrea, 367
Caporaso, Teodorico, 286, 1195, 1227, 1239,
Cappetti, Nicola, 204, 895, 1426, 1495
Caputo, Francesco, 503
Caragiuli, Manila, 229
Cardilicchio, Antimo, 1364
Carfagni, Monica, 743
Cariati, Simona, 1413
Carli, Raffaele, 1436
Carniel, Emanuele Luigi, 276
Carollo, Giovanni, 652
Carratalà, Pablo, 626
Carulli, Marina, 1460
Carvalho, Philippe, 1527
Casas, Roberto, 1585
Casciotta, Edoardo, 1389
Castiblanco Jimenez, Ivonne Angelica, 318
Castillo-Rueda, Francisca J., 88
Caterino, Mario, 581
Cattaneo, Andrea, 1183
Ceruti, Alessandro, 815, 1042
Chillemi, Massimiliano, 1516
Chirol, Clément, 421, 827, 1103
Chiva, Sergio, 626
Ciccarelli, Marianna, 1401
Ciccolella, Alessandro, 390
Ciccone, Francesco, 815, 1042
Climent, Javier, 626
Coccorese, Domenico, 1448
Colombo Zefinetti, Filippo, 1079
Colombo, Giorgio, 1055
Comberton, David, 1126
Company, Pedro, 677
Concheri, Gianmaria, 711, 722, 1256, 1268
Conti, Paolo, 533, 793
Cosenza, Chiara, 768
Covarrubias Rodriguez, Mario, 1352
Cristofolini, Ilaria, 925
Cucinotta, Filippo, 1516
D’Agostino, Pierpaolo, 873
d’Amore, Matteo, 1495
D’Angelo, Raffaele, 286, 1448
D’Introno, Annarita, 1413
Daidié, Alain, 421, 827, 1103
Daille-Lefèvre, Bruno, 75
Dal Fabbro, Pierandrea, 265
Dalpadulo, Enrico, 1067
Dammacco, Lucilla, 1436
De Crescenzio, Francesca, 1505
De Dominici, Gregory, 967
de la Rosa, Sergio, 914
de Los Angeles Guachi-Guachi, Lorena, 780
De Luca, Alessandro, 503
de-Cózar-Macías, Óscar D., 88, 110
Dellarre, Anthony, 803
Di Angelo, Luca, 148, 306
Di Bernardo, Romolo, 122
di Filippo, Andrea, 895
Di Gironimo, Giuseppe, 286, 466, 1195, 1215,
Di Marino, Castrese, 454
Di Stefano, Paolo, 148, 306
Diano, Maurizio, 1340
Díez-Martínez, Elena, 110
Donnici, Giampiero, 135
Donzella, Antonietta, 367
Dotoli, Mariagrazia, 1436
Douin, Chloé, 1017
Durupt, Alexandre, 1527
Ejarque-Ortiz, Aroa, 15
Evangelista, Alessandro, 1305, 1316, 1340
Eynard, Benoît, 884
Favi, Claudio, 980, 993
Federica, Cappelletti, 39, 62
Fera, Marcello, 581
Fernández-Pacheco, Daniel G., 344
Ferreira, Kévin, 1005
Ferretti, Patrich, 135
Filippi, Stefano, 1030, 1293
Fiorentino, Anita, 1495
Fiorentino, Michele, 1305, 1413, 1436
Fiorillo, Iolanda, 1426
Foglia, Massimo, 1305
Foissac, Charly, 421
Fontana, Carlotta, 204, 1426
Fontanelli, Giuseppe Andrea, 1215
Francia, Daniela, 135
Franciosa, Pasquale, 546, 851
Frizziero, Leonardo, 135
Furferi, Rocco, 170, 743
Fusco, Salvatore, 1215
Gabriel, Bertrand, 967
Galasso, Valerio, 1340
Galati, Nicolò, 1159
Gallo, Nicola, 851
García de Paredes, Ignacio, 253
García, Mairena, 626
García-Molina, Diego Francisco, 1610
Gattino, Cecilia, 664
Gattullo, Michele, 1316, 1327, 1436
Generosi, Andrea, 1460
Gerbino, Salvatore, 546, 851, 1364
Germani, Michele, 993, 1401
Gherardini, Francesco, 780, 1159
Ghidotti, Anna, 242
Giannini, Franca, 698
Gianotti, Alberta, 1541Author Index 1623
Gibaru, Olivier, 410
Giliberti, Claudia, 1340
Giovannoli, Pietro, 1376
Gironimo, Giuseppe Di, 1227
Gloria, Antonio, 122, 294
Godot, Xavier, 75
Gómez, José Antonio, 905
Gomez-Jauregui, Valentin, 686, 862
Gonzalez-Redondo, Miguel, 1115
Governi, Lapo, 148, 743
Gramegna, Nicola, 851
Grandvalet, Yves, 1527
Grandvallet, Christelle, 479
Grasso, Corrado, 1448
Grazioso, Stanislao, 286, 1195, 1215, 1227,
1239, 1247
Greco, Alessandro, 546, 1364
Grigolato, Luca, 265, 711, 722
Gruhier, Elise, 1017, 1552
Grunwald, Tim, 354
Guachi, Robinson, 780
Guaitoli, Caterina, 1159
Guardiani, Emanuele, 306
Gujski, Lucas Matias, 895
Hartono, Natalia, 581
Heidarpour, Farhad, 390
Hidalgo-Fernández, Rafael Enrique, 1610
Honnorat, Olivier, 520
Huet, Florian, 1564
Iaquinandi, Michele, 1426
Imbriani, Vito, 466, 1030
Ingrassia, Tommaso, 637, 652
Innocente, Chiara, 159
Iolascon, Giovanni, 1227
Kamgaing Souop, Landry Arnaud, 1103
Khamaisi, Riccardo Karim, 1389
Kilian, Wolfgang, 1483
Kleiner, Mathias, 1564
Klement, Nathalie, 410
Kofler, Ingrid, 1471
Kopnarski, Lena, 605
Kromer, Robin, 1017, 1126, 1552
Krumm, Dominik, 286, 605
Lacombe, Alexandra, 1103
Lacoste, Eric, 1126
Ladrón-de-Guevara-López, Isidro, 110
Ladrón-de-Guevara-Muñoz, M. Carmen, 88, 110
Laera, Francesco, 1305
Lafou, Meriem, 410
Lamanna, Giuseppe, 503
Landi, Daniele, 101, 242, 1079
Landon, Yann, 593, 1103
Lanzoni, Daniel, 1183
Lanzotti, Antonio, 286, 294, 677, 768, 1195,
1215, 1227, 1239, 1247, 1448
Lanzotti, Francesca Giovanna, 466
Lasso Perdomo, Cristiam Javier, 967
Laviola, Enricoandrea, 1316, 1327
Lazazzera, Vito, 1436
Le Duigou, Julien, 399
Leali, Francesco, 217, 354, 839, 1067
Limousin, Maxime, 803
Liverani, Alfredo, 135, 1042
Loiseau, Adrien, 593
López-Forniés, Ignacio, 15, 51, 330
López-Salmerón, Emilio, 344
Ludi, Simona, 181
Mabru, Catherine, 1090
Macías-García, José, 88
Madre Sediles, María A., 15
Malburet, François, 520
Maltauro, Mattia, 1256, 1268
Manchado, Cristina, 686, 862
Mancuso, Antonio, 559
Mandolini, Marco, 229, 980, 993
Manghisi, Vito Modesto, 1305, 1340
Marannano, Giuseppe, 637, 755
Marcolin, Federica, 318
Marconi, Marco, 430, 980
Marianna, Ciccarelli, 39
Mariconte, Raffaele, 1340
Marin, Philippe, 569
Marín-Granados, Manuel D., 88
Marsan, Thibault, 593
Marta, Rossi, 39, 62
Martin, Patrick, 75
Martínez-Chao, Tomás E., 873
Martínez-Cuenca, Raúl, 626
Martorelli, Massimo, 122, 294, 768, 851
Marzola, Antonio, 148
Marzullo, Domenico, 466, 1030
Mayuet, Pedro F., 914
Mazzoli, Alida, 229
Mazzone, Giuseppe, 466, 1030
Medina-Triviño, Pedro, 1115
Mehdi-Souzani, Charyar, 1005
Melgarejo-Torralba, Mar, 344
Menchi, Giacomo, 1401
Meneghello, Roberto, 1256, 1268
Menéndez-Díaz, Agustín, 8731624 Author Index
Mengoni, Maura, 1460
Merlo, Fabio, 3
Messina, Angelo Alberto, 1138
Michele, Germani, 39, 62
Mignot-Pasty, Raphaël, 520
Milardi, Demetrio, 1516
Millán-Estepa, Álvaro, 110
Millet, Dominique, 967
Miralbes, Ramon, 905
Montanari, Roberto, 294
Montcel, Thibaut Tezenas Du, 1149
Monteleone, Antonio, 768
Monti, Marina, 698
Moos, Sandro, 159, 318
Motyl, Barbara, 1030
Mozzillo, Rocco, 1172
Muñoz, Natalia, 1576
Museau, Matthieu, 955
Naddeo, Alessandro, 1426
Navarro, Pablo, 593
Neri, Paolo, 733, 937
Nezzi, Chiara, 28, 1471
Nigrelli, Vincenzo, 637, 652, 755
Odenwald, Stephan, 286, 605, 1483
Olivieri, Salvatore Massimo, 1138
Orlando, Calogero, 946
Orquera, Myriam, 967
Ortiz, Jesús, 192
Ortiz-Cordero, Rafael, 1115
Orzes, Guido, 28
Ostuni, Benedetta Maria Vita, 1195, 1227, 1239
Otero, César, 686, 862
Ottonello, Elia, 664
Paderno, Diego, 367, 1598
Pagano, Davide, 367
Pagnoni, Mario, 229
Pailhès, Jérôme, 569
Palomba, Angela, 1227
Pantano, Antonio, 652
Paoli, Alessandro, 733, 937
Papa, Stefano, 122, 768, 1448
Papallo, Ida, 294
Papetti, Alessandra, 1401
Pardo-Vicente, Miguel-Angel, 914
Paredes, Manuel, 1090, 1103
Paroissien, Éric, 827
Parras-Burgos, Dolores, 344
Pascoletti, Giulia, 533, 793
Pasquariello, Agnese, 491
Patalano, Stanislao, 454, 491, 677
Pédarriosse, Camille, 1564
Pellegrini, Daniele, 1268
Pellegrino, Arcangelo, 1495
Pellicciari, Marcello, 380
Pensa, Claudio, 122
Pérez, Eduardo Manchado, 253
Perfetto, Donato, 503
Perina, Matteo, 925
Perretta, Silvana, 276
Peruzzini, Margherita, 380, 1389
Petronijevic, Jelena, 75
Petruccioli, Andrea, 839
Pettinato, Stefano, 192
Piazzolla, Pietro, 159
Pichon, Guillaume, 827
Pierri, Francesco, 1172
Pierri, Silvia, 204
Pietroni, Giorgia, 430
Pigazzi, Riccardo, 1055
Pini, Fabio, 354, 839, 1067
Pinon, Sébastien, 884
Pirri, Riccardo, 755
Pitzalis, Roberto Francesco, 192
Plaza, Inmaculada, 1576
Polette, Arnaud, 1564
Polichetti, Rosario, 1448
Pourroy, Franck, 479, 569, 955
Pretto, Andrea, 276
Puggelli, Luca, 170, 743
Püschel, Aline, 1483
Qie, Yifan, 1279
Raffaele, Marcello, 1516
Raffaeli, Roberto, 380, 698, 1389
Ramírez, Emilio A., 955
Ranz, David, 905
Razionale, Armando Viviano, 733, 937
Razzoli, Roberto, 614, 664
Rega, Andrea, 454
Regazzoni, Daniele, 181, 242, 1079, 1183
Renno, Fabrizio, 1448
Renzi, Cristina, 217
Ricci, Marina, 1413
Richetta, Maria, 294
Ricotta, Vito, 637, 755
Rinaldi, Marta, 581
Rizzi, Caterina, 181, 242, 1183
Rodríguez-Parada, Lucía, 914
Rossano, Veronica, 1340
Rosso, Stefano, 711, 722
Rossoni, Marco, 1055Author Index 1625
Roucoules, Lionel, 442, 520, 1564
Rovida, Edoardo Giovanni Maria, 1541
Rudisch, Julian, 605
Ruiz-Pastor, Laura, 28, 1471
Russo, Davide, 101
Russo, Mario Brandon, 546
Sabella, Roberto, 1215
Salmeri, Fabio, 1516
Salvati, Luca, 1495
Sanseverino, Giuseppe, 286, 605
Santamaria, Natalia, 905
Santarelli, Chiara, 170
Santhosh, Sandhya, 1505
Santi, Gian Maria, 135
Santolaya, José Luis, 1576
Sanz-Segura, Rosana, 253
Saporito, Antonio, 559
Sardini, Emilio, 1247
Sartini, Mikhailo, 993, 1401
Savio, Gianpaolo, 265, 276, 711, 722
Savoldelli, Anna, 181
Scalzo, Federico, 1030
Scarcelli, Alessandra, 1413
Segonds, Stéphane, 421
Selvaggio, Mario, 1215
Sena, Pasquale, 1495
Sequenzia, Gaetano, 1138
Serio, Paola, 170
Serpelloni, Mauro, 1247
Serrano, Ana, 1576, 1585
Sfravara, Felice, 1516
Siciliano, Bruno, 1215
Sierra-Pérez, Jorge, 51
Sileo, Monica, 1172
Silva, Cristovão, 410
Sitta, Alessandro, 1138
Sortino, Marco, 1030
Speranza, Domenico, 122
Sponchiado, Riccardo, 265
Spreafico, Christian, 101, 1079
Stecki, Jacek, 664
Stella, Ettore, 851
Strippoli, Valeria, 1413
Tamassia, Eugenio, 354
Tamburrino, Francesco, 937, 1352
Tarallo, Andrea, 768, 1448
Tejero-Olalla, José M., 88
Tezenas Du Montcel, Thibaut, 569
Toniolo, Ilaria, 276
Tornincasa, Stefano, 159, 318
Totis, Giovanni, 1030
Trifi, Delia, 626
Tripoli, Marco Cosimo, 652
Triviño-Tarradas, Paula, 1115, 1610
Tumino, Davide, 559, 946
Turino, Maria Antonietta, 581
Uberti, Stefano, 1598
Uccheddu, Francesca, 265, 276
Ulrich, Luca, 159, 318
Uva, Antonio Emmanuele, 390, 512, 1327, 1340
Vaglio, Emanuele, 1030
Vaiani, Lorenzo, 512
Vaïssette, Julien, 1090
Valvano, Stefano, 946
Vanino, Giovanni, 1293
Vazzoler, Greta, 3
Vergnano, Alberto, 1159
Vezzetti, Enrico, 159, 318
Viero, Massimo, 1268
Vigil-Fernández, Carlos, 686
Vignat, Frédéric, 479, 569, 1149
Villa, Valerio, 367, 1598
Villecco, Francesco, 895, 1495
Villeneuve, François, 955
Vindigni, Carmelo Rosario, 946
Vindrola, Pedro G., 873
Vitali, Andrea, 1183
Vitolo, Ferdinando, 454, 491
Voelcker-Rehage, Claudia, 605
Volpe, Yary, 148, 170
Watier, Bruno, 593
Weisheit, Linda, 1203
Wockenfuß, Wilhelm Richard, 1203
Yahia, Esma, 442, 1564
You, Jeong-Ha, 466, 1030
Zafferri, Giulio, 1541
Zago, Macro, 925
Zanetti, Elisabetta Maria, 533, 793
Zanini, Alessio, 980
Zapata, Santiago Montoya, 410
Zenoni, Aldo, 367
Zhang, Shengzhe, 399
Zucchinetti, Marta, 614

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